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“Driven To Perfection

We are committed to the pursuit of perfection in car care. We want the very best for cars and the people who love them. For passionate enthusiasts car care is a journey, not a destination, and we constantly strive to make that journey more productive, satisfying, and fun. Why? Because the quest for perfection is its own reward.

Since 1990 we’ve developed, manufactured, and bottled our liquid car care products in our own U.S. Manufacturing and Distribution Center, ensuring our washes, polishes, waxes, and cleaners are of the finest quality. Our towels, cloths, tools, buffing machines, and intuitive garage gear and accessories are designed and tested by us to meet our standard for perfection.

This is a family business and the Griot name is on every label. If we wouldn’t sell it to a friend, we won’t sell it to anyone. Our community and our customers are one and the same – which is why we take the best possible care of them. We know the feeling that comes with confidence in yourself and your car – getting better results than you ever hoped. We want everyone to have that feeling of discovery and accomplishment.

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. It’s as simple as that.”

Griot’s Garage has given me the honor of providing you all with a review on their products. The lovely, Club Assistance Program Rep, Lisa Schimling sent me a goody bag containing:

(1) 22 oz bottle of Speed Shine
(1) 22 oz bottle of Interior Cleaner
(1) Speed Shine Microfiber Towel
(1) Griot’s Garage handbook
(1) Griot’s Garage Mesh Bag

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Let’s begin with the Speed Shine spray [ the 5 minute detail ].

“Smells like candy, cleans like magic. Griot’s Garage Speed Shine® revives your shine in five minutes’ time. This blue elixir gently loosens and lifts dust, pollen, smudges, light grime, and bird bombs off your paint, where they can be safely whisked away. Simply mist Speed Shine® onto the surface, gently wipe dry, and buff to a spectacular luster. Speed Shine® is safe for all paints and clearcoats and can also be used on trim, wheels, and exterior plastic trim. Works best with our blue Micro Fiber Speed Shine® Cloths.”

It really does smell like candy!! Ha Ha! I don’t know about the rest of you but I enjoy using a product that smells great.

This product was tested on a recently waxed Subaru Legacy as well as my personal Subaru WRX. Both cars were slightly dusty/dirty from being outside. I found that the product did what it was designed to do. It loosens up the dirt and brings the shine back in the paint. Another pro about this product is that it simply doesn’t leave a nasty, filmy residue like others.

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Next, we have the Interior Cleaner spray [ Safe for Fabrics, Carpets, Vinyl, & Leather ]

“You spend a lot of quality time behind the wheel, and Griot’s Garage Interior Cleaner will help the miles roll by easier. Safely clean all interior surfaces and materials from headliner to carpet with minimal fuss. Interior Cleaner contains no dyes or additives that could damage the surface being cleaned. Leaves behind no residue that would attract more dirt. It wipes clean and clear. Safe on all surfaces including carpets, floor mats, seats, fabrics, vinyl, headliner, door panels, dash, and leather! Also works great around the house on floors, walls, cloth, carpet, shoes, bags, purses, and just about every surface!”

This product works extremely well on interiors [duh!]. It removed a stain from the headliner and sun visor of the Legacy, that had been there for 2+ years. The interior cleaner also works great on dashes. Now instead of dealing with products that leave your dash overly shiny to the point where you’re getting blinded by the sun rays, you can have a nice clean dash without the dreaded shininess of DOOM. [Unless that’s your thing, then by all means rock that shiny dash you!] Another quality I like about this spray is that it doesn’t leave that horrible residue on your dash that makes all the dust and other crap stick to it like other sprays [they will not be listed]. Overall, this spray is great for stains as well as your dash! It’s an all in one!

Lastly, we’ll take a look at the lovely blue microfiber towel.

“Developing the perfect cloth, for a particular use, has been my never ending quest. Why is this important? Because, it makes a huge difference in how your “surface product” (Speed Shine®, polishes, waxes, and water) buffs out, and whether or not they damage your delicate surface. That’s why you’ll see many specialized cloths throughout our website. The nap is plush and ultra-thick to cushion your paint and hold foreign objects deep in the nap so they’re not dragged across your paint. They are also highly absorbent which aids in buffing out the Speed Shine®. This is the softest micro fiber towel known to man! Washable, to use over and over again. Set of three, 15 3/4″ x 15 3/4″ cloths.”

I have to say, I was highly impressed with this. Most microfiber towels you get at Wal-Mart or parts stores are so thin and cheap. This microfiber towel is thick and plushy. Not only that but standard microfiber towels irritate me so much because if you have dry hands, they stick to your hands. Thankfully this towel is soft and plush so it doesn’t do that. [Yay!]

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If you love car care products as much as me, then you’ll love these products too. I’m really excited to try the waxes since they have a huge line of different waxes and polishes for your car. Shoot, just get the catalog, it will blow your mind!! I could easily spend $200 on car care essentials.

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I love the mesh bag that was included with the samples. It’s perfect for even 3 items and a microfiber. Great to have when you’re rushing out the door for a car show. I love having things organized and this is just perfect! It has a little handle on the top for carrying and the drawstring allows you to close it tight so the products don’t go rolling around your trunk during a drive.

Forgot to mention that these products are made here in the USA!! You can find all of the product above at

Do you own any Griot’s Garage products? Feel free to share a little about what you have and what you like about them below in a comment.

 griotsHappy Detailing Everyone!

Griot’s Garage did not pay me for this review.
Everything stated was 100% my opinion.
Quote paragraphs can be found on their website.


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